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Josie Preston

Exclusively for women

I have a genuine passion for helping others to see and feel the benefits of living a fitter, healthier lifestyle. Whether you’re after weight loss, muscle tone or just want to feel fitter and better about yourself I am here to help you every step of the way!

Making the first step can be daunting…

“I have been there myself and I have experienced that gym fear”

The gym environment for some may feel a little intimidating but I am here to encourage and educate my clients so that they feel comfortable and confident and in turn able to reach the goals they’ve always dreamed of!


I strongly believe in the importance of a healthy balanced lifestyle.

I can help you to take a simple approach to your diet and make changes that you are able to stick to long term without sacrificing all of the fun!

I have gained a huge amount of experience and knowledge from going through my own fitness journey and becoming a personal trainer myself.

If you are after a personal trainer who can give you that extra motivation and help that you need then get in touch.

My Story

More about me

I have gained a huge amount of knowledge and experience from my own fitness journey. I can relate to so many of my clients in what they say and how they feel because I have been there myself! So here it is my journey from where it began.

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Josie Preston

Personal Trainer

I have gained a huge amount of knowledge and experience from my own fitness journey. I can relate to so many of my clients in what they say and how they feel because I have been there myself! So here it is my journey from where it began.

Where it all began

Almost 2 years ago now I decided that for me something needed to change. I was unhappy in the way I looked and in the way I felt. I suddenly realised that for a long time I had been in denial about how unhealthy my lifestyle actually was.

With a busy full-time job, I would always be the one who’s ‘diet starts Monday’ always buying lunch on the go and reaching for the biscuit tin to keep me going throughout the day. My ‘stuff it, its Friday’ attitude meant my weekends continued this way with the added effect of boozy social evenings and meals out. My attempts at getting into shape in the past were never successful mainly because I just didn't really know what I was doing or where to begin! The gym for me consisted of the odd spin class or body pump class here and there. The thought of going to the gym and using the gym equipment was an absolute no go - it terrified me.

Where it all changed

I knew I wouldn't be able to make changes on my own and actually stick to it. I always gave in too easily, I was a quitter and always came up with excuses. I needed structure and I needed guidance so I decided to look for a personal trainer. I found Matt (Matt Hall Fitness) online and made an appointment. I remember the first day I turned up at the gym to meet him I was so anxious and worried. I thought I was too unfit to have a personal trainer, I was worried that people in the gym would think “‘what’s she doing here she doesn't have a clue!” I felt a bit intimidated by the whole thing.

Looking back now I really had nothing to worry about at all Matt instantly put me at ease. He understood how I felt. We chatted and discussed my current lifestyle habits - It made me realise even more how poor my diet was and how little exercise I was doing. I just wanted to lose some weight, feel a bit better about myself and ‘tone up’.

We set goals so I had something to aim for, for the first time ever I felt like I had a clear plan of action. It was a huge learning curve for me. I always thought losing weight was about doing lots of cardio and not eating a lot but I couldn't have been more wrong. Matt put together nutritional advice and a training plan tailored to meet my needs and goals. The plan mainly consisted of weight training sessions and some cardio. I stuck to it consistently the training and the nutrition, exactly as Matt had told me to. I found that training with him twice a week ensured I stayed motivated and it gave me someone to be accountable to.

As I was building my confidence he set me simple routines to do on my own. There were times in the beginning when training on my own I'd go into the gym and think - I can’t do this, I wanted to just walk straight back out - it was way out of my comfort zone but the huge want I had for it to work overcame the fear and I just did it. Before I knew it results of consistent hard work were starting to show and it felt so good! Over the following months, I continued to make progress. Matt changed my workout routines regularly (and continues to do so) to ensure I'm always improving.

I have smashed through my original goals and more. It can be surprising what your capable of if you put your mind to something! I have never looked back I can honestly say I love it. I have never felt so fit healthy and strong, I am in the best shape I have ever been in. I truly believe I would not have achieved this without Matt. It goes to show that actually there is no quick fix, fad diet or detox tea that is going to give you that flat stomach and going hard at the gym one week before your holiday isn't going to get you beach ready!

The right training (weights and cardio included) and the right nutrition can bring amazing fat loss results and an amazing body shape. Whatever your goal is with hard work and dedication anything is possible! This doesn't mean you can’t treat yourself and still maintain a good social life - I have achieved this whilst still enjoying weekends and meals out and having a life! I just now know how to make better choices and how to plan my workouts around this.

I have learnt so much from my own experience, training with Matt and becoming a Personal Trainer myself. I now can’t wait to help and teach other women like me take control of their diet and exercise and feel confident and amazing in their own skin. If I can do it anyone can!



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